English Booboos

These put a smile on my face because, admittedly, I'm a 'shallow' person. I laugh easily. I just want to share these booboos...

"It's not my problem anymore, it's your problem anymore."
"Well well well. Look do we have here!"
"It's a blessing in the sky."
"Take things first at a time."
"First and for all."
"I'm only human nature."
"Time is of the elements."
"The feeling is actual."
"For all intense and purposes."
"Whatever you say so."
"I can't take it anymore of this!"
"Can't you just cut me some slacks?"

Twins No More...

I used to know this 21yo guy who had an identical twin. Really good in bed - made sure you were happy, very thoughtful. We hooked up for a while. The last time we had sex was about 4 months ago. The thing is, a few days after we last met, he got killed! He got involved in a brawl and he got killed in the process. The poor thing. I was the last person he had sex with and he was the last person I had sex with when I learned what happened. It was so disconcerting, to say the least. A few weeks ago, I chanced upon his twin brother. We've already met before so he knows me. We got to talk about what really happened and told me how miserable he is but trying to move on. I don't know what happened next but next thing I knew we were already in bed together. It was really weird. It was like doing it with the first guy. Gave me the creeps but it was also a closure for me. Now I just think he's on vacation or something... TALK ABOUT WEIRD EXPERIENCES!

Hermione Gets Killed

If the spoilers on the 'net are true, Hermione gets killed trying to defend Ron against Voldemort in the seventh and final book of the HP series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I remember when the Order of the Phoenix came out, the actual book lost its charm on me because I read another version from the internet written by some kid. It was far better than the one written by JKR herself. So I stopped reading the series then. This time though, since it's the last one, I just might buy the actual book and spend some time reading it. Mark your calendars: July 21.


And If I Go...

And if I go, while you're still here...
Know that I still live on,
Vibrating to a different measure
behind a thin veil you cannot see through.
You will not see me,
so you must have faith.
I wait the time
when we can soar together again,
both aware of each other.
Until then, live your life to the fullest,
And when you need me,
just whisper my name in your heart,
...I will be there.

TShirt Addict

I'm a self-confessed t-shirt addict. I browse the internet for interesting designs and have it custom printed at AirArt Asia or any other t-shirt printing place. Here are some interesting designs I found lately.
(T-shirt designs shown here are from www.tshirthell.com)

Does Anyone Know This Guy?

I chanced upon this guy's photo in one of the more notorious Pinoy Yahoo Groups. Does anyone know this guy?

DS Explained

I'm one of those brought up in a Catholic home and view 'gayness' as a sinful way of life. Of course, I've since then changed, no not changed, but denied that truth (?). Deep inside, because of religion deeply ingrained in me, I still feel guilt whenever I have sex. It's just a part of me that I cannot shake off. Having said that, I still continue to be what I am and hope that God still has a special place for me in His heart. So, in my thinking, while I do my best to be a decent and kind human being, I still feel that I am doomed to hell for all my sins...


Cristiano Ronaldo: Eye Candy #01

This 22yo lad was named England’s Footballer of the Year, which made him the first MU player to win since 2001 and the first ever Portuguese player to win the award.

Night Out...

My old friend texted me two days ago. We haven't talked in a while so we agreed to meet weekend. We met and played catch up on what's going on with each other's life and work. Eventually, we decided to go have a massage... to one of those mushrooming in the city - massage places where the 'service' is the main course. We so enjoyed it that we each had 2 sessions. He told me later he might get hooked on this thing... chacun a son gout, eh?



Michael is a 19yo guy I met in QC area. Two days after I met him, he texted and said he wanted to hook up.
I said yes and ended up spending the night together. He's a sweet guy and made sure I enjoyed my time with him.

It's been a while since I last saw him and he's been texting again since last weekend...
Maybe I'll give him one more stab at me. :P


I Need My Sleep...

Since I've had my dsl connection, I've been burning the wires surfing. I work in the evenings and the only times I'm at home, I surf. I've discovered so many great things on the net. Above all though, I have enjoyed reading and going through blogs... So now that I've started mine, I might lose some more sleep. I have yet to learn how to embed media here and how this thing will work, what to post, etc. But I need my sleep so I will just put it at that for the meantime.
This will be my own little space to document things... my likes, my humor, my orientation, my being.
Let me leave now with this little gif which says a lot about what I don't like -

My Blog

After going through so many blogs, I thought I might start my own.
So here goes...